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Got a nasty smell from your drains? Have it checked by a professional at Plumber Roseville as it may indicate a possible blocked drain. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are capable of solving all of your blocked drain problems using the latest drain clearing technologies.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Tree roots can head towards your drains in search of water sources leading to blockage
  • Oils and grease can solidify on the interior walls of drain pipes creating obstructions
  • Debris such as silt and building materials can build up giving rise to clogs
  • Faults in the sewer line can also result to clogs

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

Some of the equipment and supplies used by the Blocked Drain Specialists include:

  • High strength acid
  • RootX, a foaming pipeline root control product
  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent
  • Hydro-jet cleaning system
  • Electric Eel sewer maintenance equipment

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Blocked drain! Need help in Roseville

Denis looked down while he was halfway through his shower. There was an unusual amount of water swilling about the base of the shower. He quickly finished rinsing himself off before turning off the taps and jumping out of the shower. As he dried himself and brushed his teeth, he watched the water slowly drain away. He glanced at his watch, which was still sitting on the vanity. He had time to call the Plumber before he raced off to work.

The phone rang as Denis was working. He glanced at the time and was surprised to see the Plumber would be due in about half an hour. He answered the call and was pleased to find it was the Roseville Plumber on the other end, advising that he was about twenty minutes away. Perfect! Denis packed up his desk, waved goodbye to the boss, who knew he had to leave early, and walked home. One of the perks of working close to home, the travel time. He opened the front door and went into the kitchen to put his bag down as the Plumber knocked. After the normal introductions, Denis showed the Neighbourhood Plumber to the blocked drain in his shower.

The Plumber had a look and advised it was most likely clogged with hair and general soap scum. He lifted out the grate and set to work pulling out clumps of wet hair that smelled quite foul. Once the Plumber had cleared out as much as he could he poured drain acid into the pipe. It was to burn away any remaining fats/soaps or hair that was still caught down there. After waiting the recommended time the Plumber filled up a bucket of water and poured it straight down the drain to flush it clear of the acid. He did this a couple of times. It flowed away quickly, without any of it coming back up the drain. Delighted, Denis thanked the Roseville Plumber as the Plumber cleaned up the small mess he’d made and packed up his work equipment.

If you have blocked drains in your home, be it a basin or a toilet, your Roseville Plumber can help! Call your Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0488 886 212 to book an appointment !

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