4 Drain Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most of the time, homeowners do their drain cleaning on their own to avoid calling a plumber and saving money in the process. It’s completely understandable since most drain blockage can be easily unclogged without any professional help. However, there are cases when a DIY isn’t enough and you actually need to enlist the services of an expert plumber. In the process of a DIY drain cleaning, a lot of people commit mistakes that result in damaging the pipes or making the clog even worse. Here are some drain-cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

1.Using random items to unclog the drain

If ever you try a DIY approach on unclogging a drain, make sure that you use the right plumbing tools and know how to effectively use it. Trying to get rid of the clogs with random items is frowned upon since it can cause damage to the PVC pipes. It’s important to take note that installing or repairing pipes can cost a lot of money. Bent hangers are very popular ‘tools’ used to reach down the drain, but it’s actually an awful idea. There’s a high chance that the hangers might get stuck and cause an even greater problem. For some reason garden hoses are also used by homeowners to flush down the pipe and clear out the clog. Sometimes it can work but it proves to be messy and has the potential to damage the pipes due to the strong water pressure.

2.Having Plumbing Tools but Don’t Know How to Use It

So you finally have a set of plumbing tools to clean and unclog any drain by yourself, but the question is do you know how to properly use it? This is an important question to ask since using plumbing tools like augers without any idea how to use it can do more harm than good. An improperly used auger can coerce the clog further down into the pipes, making it more difficult to clear the drain.

3.Using Too Much Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners may seem to be the perfect unclogging product, but truth be told, it’s not really that effective. These cleaning products comes in a variety of forms like powder, liquid, or paste and is marketed as a fast and easy solution for clogged drains. The reality is that it can’t remove a solid blockades like hair, hardened food particles, etc. What makes these drain cleaners even worse is that it contains chemical agents that are way too strong. Someone in your house might have strong allergic reactions so avoid using these type of cleaning products. The chemicals can also cause corrosion which destroys the drain pipes.

4.Disassembling the Pipe on Your Own

You should never try to attempt to disassemble the pipes just to remove the clog. Those who didn’t have any plumbing experience and tried dismantling pipes failed to reassemble the mechanisms perfectly. This resulted in a pricey repair which could have been avoided. The pipe system is very complex and shouldn’t be taken apart by anyone except for professional plumbers.

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