4 Most Used Drain Cleaners


One of the easiest methods used to remove blockages in your drain is by utilising chemical-based cleaners. You don’t have to exert much effort as it only needs to be poured down the drain. Aside from that, homeowners usually opt for this due to its cheap price. This method may repair minor blockage issues, however, due to its corrosive nature, it will damage the pipe system when constantly used and will only result in the system’s early deterioration. With its setback, there are other non-toxic methods practiced to repair the same dilemma. Here are the following:

Homemade drain cleaners

As we know that constant usage of chemically based cleaners results in early deterioration of your pipes due to its corrosive nature. Some have opted for homemade ones as an alternative. You won’t have to spend money as they could be found in your household. Moreover, it’s safe because it doesn’t have any chemical content. You can start by mixing baking soda and a cup of salt and ensure that you mix the ingredients well. Afterwards, use ¼ of the solution and pour it down your drain. Pour at least 2 cups of boiling water and wait for another minute and pour another mixture. The purpose of the boiling water is to change the chemical compositions of the ingredients used to disintegrate the accumulation of grease and grime in the drain system.

Drain snake

Aside from the plunger, you can also use a drain snake to remove the debris and grime in your drains. You start by inserting it into the drain and twisting it down until it reaches the location of the blockage. Moreover, since it’s made of steel, observe caution in twisting it for it might snap and cause injury.  The manufacturing company provides manual to D-I-Y users, ensure that you have read all the instructions before using it. Moreover, putting too much pressure must be avoided for it might cause further damage to the system. Apparently, your expenses will double because of the damage and injury you obtained during the process.


It is one of the must-haves tools in the household in case of a plumbing emergency. This tool puts pressure to loosen the gunk and free the drain from all the blockages. On the other hand, a common misconception about the plunger is that it’s possible to use it in every blockage problem. Apparently, it’s a false information. There are varied types of plunger used for a specific purpose. On the other hand, homeowners must have at least two types of plunger; one for the sink and for the toilet. Toilet plungers are cup bottomed type while sink plungers are flat ones.

Water jetting

Sometimes, it’s not our drains are the one causing all the trouble such as backups. On the other hand, sewer lines are lines that maintain the flow of the drains properly. There could be some issues with the sewer line that may have affected the drain, too. Try to avail on a CCTV pipe camera inspection to see the cause of the problem before water jetting it. This operation must only be handled by professionals. This is because they know the right pressure needed for the hydro jetting operation.

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