4 Primary Causes of Shower Drain Blockage

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Taking a lovely shower or a relaxing hot bath is the best way to start the day- at least for most of us. It is also a great way to free ourselves from the stresses we had from school or work. However, seeing a pool of filthy water underneath our feet when we take a shower would instantly turn a beautiful day upside down. Instead of giving you a brand-new start, it gives you so much hassle as you already know that you will be needing a plumber and waiting for one eats up so much of your time. Not to mention the expense that you will incur. Very annoying, right? However, you can prevent this dilemma from happening by knowing what causes it and by avoiding them. And making sure that these things  are kept away from your shower drains in order to avoid of having your drains blocked. Read on below to know what they are.

Hard water containing minerals

Without a water softener, homeowners tend to use hard water in bathing, cooking, washing and the like. However, many of us do not know that hard water can also cause blockage in your shower drains because of the mineral deposits it carries and lodges in your pipe walls. If this build up continues, there is a possibility that this mineral contents of hard water will completely block the entire pipe diameter leaving nothing for water to pass through. As a result, you’ll have a pool of water in your shower. Installing a water softener to soften your water at home may help prevent blocked shower drains.

Soap and shampoo scum

Soap and shampoo scum may cause this dilemma as well. Though it may not completely block the drain but it can reduce the normal diameter of the diameter causing it to drain slowly. And when combined with other build-ups, it will only take a short time to completely block the pipe. Soap and shampoo scum can stick on your pipe walls simultaneously reducing the pipe diameter. The rough texture it leaves the interior pipe walls may increase the possibility for other particles to stick and create a build-up. If this happens, the water you use in bathing can’t find their way out and would only flood your bathroom floor.


It is inevitable for us to experience partial or complete shower drain blockage. However, using chemical drain cleaners to clear the blockages and restore the flow would only make the problem worse. Instead of eliminating the blockage, it will as well slowly destroy your pipes through corrosion. But before it destroys it completely, it creates another issue as these chemicals will make the walls of your pipe rough, thus making it easier for particles and the like to get stuck and completely block the pipe.  


While taking a shower, it would be frustrating to see your hair strands falling off from your head. However, what’s more annoying is the fact that these strands can also cause your shower drains to get obstructed. They can tangle and twist on the inner mechanisms of your drains and could cause more objects to get caught and stuck, leaving nothing for water to pass through.

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