7 Signs of a Drainage Problem

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A small drainage problem is easier to fix than the
one which is gushing gallons of water back into your home. Remedying a drainage problem ahead will save you the headache and a couple of bucks down the line. Here are 7 subtle signs that you need to watch out for to lessen your drainage system problems.

Sign No. 1: Gushing Gutters

The causes of this are dead leaves and debris stuck in the drain blocking the flow. This could cause your gutters to rot and ruin your paint job leaving you with an expensive structural damage.

Solution: At the first sign of gutter blockage, get up there with a ladder and a strong wire to push the blockage down the pipe or you can always hire a pro to do it for you.

Sign No. 2: Downspout that dumps

Short downspouts pour water to your home’s foundation with too much force. Cracks begin to form in your homes when the force of water running downhill hits concrete slabs. The pressure eventually becomes too much for the foundation and it gives way.

Solution: Before anything happens, add a gutter extension so that the water will be carried for 5 feet, at the least, from the house to prevent it from causing problems to your foundation.

Sign No. 3: Water Stain in the Basement

Determine if the source of the water stain is surface water or groundwater depending on its location in your foundation wall.

Solution: The soil around your home should have a 6 inch-sole for every 10 horizontal feet.

Sign No. 4: Cracks

Keep a watchful eye on cracks that appear in your houses over time. A crack of at least ⅛ inch wide should be monitored.

Solution: When the crack it still small, they probably haven’t penetrated the wall all through. Patch them with hydraulic cement or polyurethane caulk for good measure. When the damage is bigger, contact a professional to assess the damage and what to do with it.

Sign No. 5: Flaking and Deposits on the Wall

When you see areas of white or grey on the wall, they may be efflorescence – a mineral deposit left behind evaporating water. Or the wall could just be spalling and it’s not a big deal.

Solution: Efflorescence doesn’t cause structural damage. You can just scrape the crust off of it bothers you that much.

Sign No. 6: Mildew in the Attic

Moulds on the under the roof can be a dead on clue that your plumbing system is having some serious trouble.

Solution: With luck, this could just be a false alarm, your plumbing system is doing great and the condensation was caused by fans venting through the outside wall of the roof. But if the plumbing or drainage system really has a problem, find a stop to the source of the dampness under the house then replace the roof shingles, sheathing and other fixtures that were affected.  

Sign No. 7: Teleporting Mulch

Water could have carried mulch, wood chips or other particles where they don’t belong.

Solution: Hire an architect or ask your gardener to create a ditch for redirecting water flow away from the damaged area.

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