Drain Stand Pipe Clog

A common problem in many households today is the drain stand pipe getting clogged. This is most often caused by a build up of lint and soap from the washing machine.

The first thing to try is some kind of chemical drain cleaner. A wide variety of drain cleaners is available over the counter at most supermarkets or hardware stores. As you are most likely dealing with a soap build up, an acidic drain cleaner will be most effective.

Chemical cleaners are harmful to the environment and can be dangerous to use. If you prefer to a chemical free remedy, try one of the following options.

The most common remedy for a clogged drain stand pipe is to snake the drain. A drain snake consist of coiled metal wire with space between the coils at the end. Make sure you use the correct size and type of drain snake. If the stoppage is close to the top, then a small top snake can be used. Run the drain snake down the standpipe and through the trap. If the stoppage is further into the pipe, a larger snake can be used to clean it out. Always be very careful when using a drain snake. It is very easy to hurt your hands.

If snaking fails, use a product called a Drain King. The Drain King is a rubber hose nozzle. Attach the Drain King to a short garden hose and the other end of the hose to a faucet. Insert the Drain King into the drain stand pipe and open the water on full force. The water will gather in the Drain King, expanding the pipe, then release a powerful jet of water, dislodging the blockage.

Should the problem still persist, it may be necessary to contact a plumber.

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