How to Fix a Kinked Drain Snake Properly

A drain snake can get kinked at the worst possible time: when fixing a drain clogged with debris or grease. The plumber’s snake, also called a drain snake or drain auger, is just a gripper with threads, one attached to a lengthy cable that can be inserted down drains so a blockage can be dislodged. Its pliability is why it becomes kinked at times. Fortunately, the problem can be easily fixed and you can quickly go back to removing the clog from the drain. Here’s how to fix it.

1. Pour hot water down the sink, making sure to fill the pipe to the opening of the drain. This can aid in dislodging the clog. Slide the plumbing snake down the drain, making sure that you twist it clockwise while it goes down the pipe. Should you hit an obstruction, sharply twist the handle and pull it to get the clog loose.

2. Any clogs located below the p-trap require some cable-bending, which can make it kinked. If kinking happens, slowly move the snake out until it “jumps” in your hands. This signifies the release of the kink, and so you can proceed immediately to the fifth step. If it does not move, proceed to step three.

3. Completely take the snake out the drain. As you remove it, ready a towel so that you can clean debris on the cable right away. Place the snake on the floor, making sure that it is laid out straight.

4. Hold the snake with both hands, using one to hold an end. Give your plumbing snake a strong tug to release remaining kinks.

5. Then insert the drain snake cable down the drain again, making sure that you twist it clockwise while it goes down and through the clog. Pull the snake cable, together with the clog, up the drain pipe and out of the drain hole.

6. Get a rag and use it to clean the snake as you take it out. Toss the clog somewhere appropriate and find out if the drain is still clogged by pouring water down it. If the water you poured goes down the drain right away, consider the job done.

To prevent a drain from becoming clogged again, pour hot water down it each week. Also, avoid pouring grease and tossing pieces and bits of food down it.

In case you find another plumbing problem while working on the kinked drain snake and the plugged drain, contact a plumber for assistance right away. Not doing so will worsen the problem and may force you to dish out more money to get it fixed.

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