How to Open Clogged Drain Sink

The sink is one of the most essential parts of our home. It is where we do hygienic activities such as washing our hands and cleaning our plates. Without it, then our home wouldn’t have an optimal system wherein waste water can easily exit within your home’s premises.A clogged up sink drain is maybe every household’s worst headache. We need to bear in mind that there are two advisable approaches to resolve such problem.

Clogged drain sink

1. Making use of a plunger. The most essential thing that you need to about your plunger is the size of its suction cup. Ensure it is big enough to fit on the opening of your hole or else it will be considered inefficient as water will just escape from it, thereby minimizing the suctioning result.

a. You have to initially fill the clogged drain with water. The amount of the water relies on the size of your plunger cup; make certain it covers it completely, not letting any air escape.

b. The rim of the plunger’s cup must be covered with some petroleum jelly in order to allow the seal to tighten once you insert it inside the blocked drain.

c. If there are any small openings where in water or air rushes out, see to it you cover them with any damp rags. Doing this will create a sort of vacuum that reinforces the suctioning effect of your plunger.

d. In order to create the suction, pull the plunger backward and forward. One or two lots strokes would most likely work.

e. Repeat the process to your clogged drain sink and examine it to find out the results.

Clogged drain sink:

2. Utilizing chemicals. Prior to using chemicals, ensure that the drain is not entirely blocked. If it is, then you should refrain from making use of such otherwise there is the possibility wherein the dangerous agents may splash on your skin and damage you physically. Also, it is a need to that you do not overuse the chemicals unless you want your pipes to experience serious corroding.


a. Check your space in advance and ensure that it is well-ventilated.

b. Safety first. Put on gloves to secure your face and eyes protectors to protect your eyes from any possible chemical sting.

c. In order to avoid unwanted responses which could not just damage your pipes, however your skin also, with your bottle of chemicals in hand, ensure that you do not perform any reckless mixing. Discover to read labels and ensure that it is the right chemical you are using.

d. Is blocking your sink,. That is after putting chemicals on your stopped up sink drain, avoid looking down straight into the drain so that you can stay clear of any sting or harmful fumes that resulted from the chemical reactions of the agents and whatever it.

It’s that you need to know particular safety precautions if you find something you will should keep in mind in carrying out the job for cleaning your clogged drain sink. Always bear in mind that is still your security that is more essential.

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