Tips to Unclog Choked Drainage

The pool of water swirling instead of draining out is a frustrating feeling. A choked drainage is not a pretty sight, but we don’t have to choke ourselves for it. A choked drain is not rocket science and is simple enough to be handled by any home maker, unless it’s a major job with complications



Keep a plunger handy:

A plunger is your best friend to unclog a choked drainage. Cover the holes of the drainage, you will feel the plunger creating a vacuum, give it a few vigorous pushes holding the handle of the plunger, do this a few more time. Pull the plunger out with force and watch if the water is draining out. If the water is moving out slowly, use the plunger a few more time. Once the water drains out effectively, pour in some hot water to get rid of any other substance that is choking the drainage.


Use an old hanger:

The good old hanger, the wire one of course is a very effective tool to unclog choked drains. Straighten the hanger to the best of your ability, try to create a small hook at one end by bending the hanger, push into the drain and try to unclog whatever is stuck, it could be hair and other stuff , once that’s done the drain will clear up. Pour hot water.


Drain cleaner (the chemical variety)

If the choke is stubborn and refuses to clear it a good idea to use chemical drainers. These act fast as they generally have a high concentration of chemicals that literally burn through anything that is clogging the drainage. However, please be careful while using these and read the direction of use on the package. Keep the water flowing for some time so that the chemicals flush out of the pipes entirely. Ask your plumber to do the need full if you are not comfortable or sensitive to chemicals.

Some tips to avoid choked drains:

– When food particles fall into the sink, pour enough water so that these particles flush out completely, if enough water is not used these particles will stick inside the pipe.

– Never throw coffee that is ground into the sink.

– It is a very good idea to regularly pour boiling water once in a week into the sink so as to melt any fat that collects in the drain.

Since it’s the homemakers that encounter choked drainage most of the time, they must be armed to handle minor issues, so more power to you. For anything more complicated after all the plumber is just a phone call away.

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