3 Important Protective Gears for Plumbing Projects

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When dealing with plumbing problems such as blocked drains or clogged pipes, it’s true that we use tools such as auger snake or chemical substances to mend the problem. As a simple as that, all your problems will be solved and you’ll no longer have to face accidents caused by these issues. On the other hand, during the operation, the person conducting it should always wear protective gear to protect itself from unexpected splashes of dirty water and cuts from sharp objects.

Safety glasses

Prior to plumbing operation, plumber or not, it is helpful for everyone to wear safety glasses to make sure that our eyes wouldn’t be endangered. Most of the time, when handling a plumbing problem, we would find ourselves hammering nails or utilising chemical-based solutions such as caustic soda to fix your clogged drains. Accidents do happen all the time. There are instances that gunk, food particles, hair, rodents or worse, a snake will gush out of the pipeline and will fall straight to your eyes. With that being said, without it, expect for some eye injury caused by sharp particles or objects that fell straight to your cornea. If this kind accident happens to you, it would be best to rush to the nearest doctor in your area.

Some protective glasses are made of shatter-proof and some are made of heat-resistant plastic. The protective glass is connected to a strap in which you can pull it.

Dust mask

Most of the time, a  dust mask is used in every plumbing operation to cover your mouth and nose from dangerous substances that unexpectedly flows out of your pipe when you conduct a repair operation. Keep in mind that when you are too much exposed to harmful chemicals, this will definitely damage your lungs. One way to prevent this kind of dilemma is to use dust mask even if you think it’s just a nuisance.

Latex glove

This kind of glove is usually made up of a type of rubber. Aside from safety glasses, plumbers would consider putting first latex glove before touching any toxic substances or cleaning household drains and avert themselves from getting their hands dirty. Also, by using this kind of glove, you will find it easy to have a good grip on tubes and pipes that need to be repaired. Aside from these, here are some other benefits you get from using latex glove during plumbing repair operations:

  • By using latex gloves, you’re ensured that your hands will be protected when you try to cut or place sharp objects. Also, you avert cutting yourself from using sharp tools such as a saw or when you try to check the blades of your garbage disposal unit.
  • Lastly, if you already have obtained cuts from the sharp object, at least, having protective gloves would prevent you from being contaminated with harmful toxins that already made contact with your skin.

Note that there are various types of gloves in the plumbing industry. When choosing one for you, make sure that you choice suits you best.

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