4 Common Winter Plumbing Issues

winter-plumbingThe changes in the season impact the efficiency and the lifespan of our plumbing system, pipe system and our appliances. With this, system complications are expected to occur during the subzero season. These complications could actually impede the operation and make the system totally useless. That’s why, before winter arrives, it’s really important for us to have our amenities checked in order to avoid a malfunction in our heater units that could help us withstand the cold temperature. Listed below are the common issues faced in winter:

Poor Heating

Because of the subzero temperature, our heating amenities will have a hard time in doing their function. Furthermore, when it comes to the summer season, water heater intended for winter is making the heater unit vulnerable to any problem, failure and deterioration after a long time of being kept away. Before winter season, always make sure to test and run the heater to ensure that the unit is still working properly. If there are problems, better call a professional to handle the problem and avert the issue from worsening.

Frozen Pipes

Apparently, everybody knows the reason why our pipes freeze over the winter season. Every household is not an exception to this kind of issue when the temperature begins to drop. The pipe system isn’t the only one that is at risk here but also the entire plumbing system. As the pipe freezes, the pressure of the incoming water will build up in that place and will likely to burst over time. This kind of predicament is a nightmare for every homeowner. In order to avoid facing this kind of dilemma is through insulating your pipe with a foam to keep them warm all the time during winter. Aside from the aforementioned to ensure that the water in the pipe doesn’t stay stagnant for a long time. Always run your tap one in a while to avert the water within the pipe from freezing and bursting. This is because a moving water has low chances of freezing in contrast to stagnant water.

Water Heater Failure

The operation of our water heater unit doubles during winter. During this season, stress and pressure are the ones liable to increase the damage that the unit have previously obtained over the summer season. When this occur, the best move to do is to ask an expert to help you fix the water heater system.

Water Leakage

When it comes to your outdoor fixtures, it’s a necessary to them check before, during and after winter to ensure that there is no accumulation of frozen water or snow as this could eventually result in a serious plumbing issue. If there are any unnoticed stagnant water within the pipe, you might be facing a freezing water that results in the increase in the width of your pipe. Prior to the winter season, take some time and drain all the water of all your water that leads to the outdoor pipe. Then, use a shut-off valve at the junction point of the pipe to shut off the supply of water when there is an unexpected pipe burst.

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