4 Perils of Disproportionately High Water Pressure

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As a homeowner, we normally like high water pressure compared to low pressure. Specifically, we want to find gushing water when we open our taps than droplets of water. This is because we can easily do our household chores with high water pressure. We can easily fill our tub, kettles, and boiling pots which are a good thing especially if we are in a hurry. However, excessively high water pressure can be destructive to your plumbing system. Aside from that, to give you more information, here are some of the disadvantages of high water pressure:

  1. Wearing out of plumbing valves

Your home’s plumbing valves are specifically made and installed to control and adjust the flow of water. These valves are the ones responsible for stopping water flow and adjusting them to reduce or increase the amount of water to be allowed to pass through. However, if there is excessively high water pressure, your valves may not be able to hold the force exerted on them causing them to wear out or even get destroyed. Aside from that, they could be really hard to operate when they are affected by the extremely high water pressure.

  1. Hammering

Excessively high water pressure running through your water pipes may cause your pipe to bang, collide and hammer. This is because when the water reaches bends, joints, and change in directions, the force they give towards the pipe can cause the stability of the pipe to be imbalanced. This would cause the pipes to bang and collide with each other. This can be easily noticed because of the audible sound they produce. This banging and collision can cause destruction to your water pipes and cause them to encounter troubles such as leaks, breaks, loose nuts and bolts, and bursts.

  1. Wastage of water

One of the primary disadvantages of extremely high water pressure is the excessive increase they could give to our water bills. Upon opening our water taps, the excessive amount of water that flows out of it can be too much for us to use. That is why, when homeowners do not give early remedy to this dilemma, they might be surprised by how high their water bill is compared to the previous months. This will only prove the fact that excessively high water pressure does not only give troubles to your plumbing system but to your pockets as well. This problem can be very effective in emptying your pockets and wallets.

  1. Worsening of pipe leaks

It is not impossible for our water pipes to experience leaks and pinholes especially when they have served you for a long time already. However, when you have a high-water pressure at home, it can only worsen the leak, making it bigger and hard to control. The pressure they produce would force the leak to get bigger and bigger. This dilemma can lead to water wastage and flooding of your home and is validating the need to adjust your water pressure immediately. With high water pressure, your plumbing system’s service life span would certainly be decreased.

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