6 Effective Uses of Natural Drain Cleaners


A household, or any residential space for that matter, is always subjected to damages and issues. Some residents look for solutions provided on the internet whilst some asks their local plumbing service provider as they can give helpful and effective solutions without harmful side effects. Another temporary solution that most homeowners know to be effective and harm-free is the natural drain cleaner that can be made at home using different domestic products simply by following simple instructions and the right measurement.

Because these solutions are made from kitchen grade materials and products, they cannot cause much damage as those commercial chemically based cleaners. The surfaces that the solution is able to deal with have a wide scope. For future reference, here are 6 of the surfaces that natural drain cleaners can deal with effectively without causing extreme damage:

  • Cookware

All throughout the day, pans, pots and other different cookware are used in cooking dishes for the family. Because of this, there can be stains and grease markings that can be left out and the longer those marks remained, the harder it is to remove them. In cleaning these, chemical cleaners simply won’t cut it. The dried remnants of food can also be harmful to the residents of the house or to anyone who uses the kitchenwares. Natural cleaners fit the bill perfectly because the solution is both health risk-free and time effective.

  • Floors

The natural cleaners are strong enough to be able to deal with stain and mark on the floor of your home. This solution is actually practical and does not pose health issues because of the pervasive chemical smell around the house. Another advantage with this cleaner is that it can deodorise the entire property.

  • Furniture

Most furniture pieces in residential areas are made from or covered with fabric materials. Now, whilst chemical cleaners are effective ones, the same materials that make it work are far too strong not to cause damage. Natural cleaners are devoid of extreme chemical composition that can cause funning and other damages to the surface of the furniture. To make things worse, these damages are often irreversible.

  • Glass

Glass surfaces are fragile in the sense that commercial cleaners often leave marks, an unsightly scratches along the surface. In some cases, the original colour can be wiped out due to harsh chemicals that composes the cleaners. Eventually, the glass will contain stains and the surface will not look as presentable as it should be.

  • Wallpaper

Some walls are taped with wallpapers and in this case, homeowners cannot use commercial cleaners as they can cause damage to the paper material. When this happens, the paper or any other material alike can tear up as a result, the home will need extensive repairs when the walls become unsightly.

  • Wood

Not all cleaners can be effective on wood surfaces. There are some that are not enough to cover and deal with the marks and stains that riddle a wood surface. Natural cleaners however are very effective in dealing with these chemicals. They can easily remove markings on wooden surfaces without causing damage.

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