6 Reasons Couple Should Call an Expert for Plumbing Emergencies

emergency plumberIt can save marriage. The husband and the wife often quarrel over disparity in taste and choices, especially when it comes to household matters that affect the comfort of their life, such as a plumbing emergency.

Has the pipeline just leaked while the wife is taking a dip in the bathtub? What if the husband gets home drunk and he urinates in the urinal, only to eventually feel the urine dripping down his feet as the drain is clogged? Incidents like these may place both minds in deep heat, resulting to an altercation or overnight silence in the bedroom.

How to solve these problems? No, don’t buy plumbing emergency kits in the shopping centres. It is not only a waste of time but also of effort, money and — an apparently heavy bag in the world of marriage — emotions.

  1. Prevent the “blame game”

No matter how you love each other, there will always be times when you can’t meet at a certain, crucial decision-making situation. When you choose to repair a clogged sink on your own with a plunger and other tools in a plumbing emergency kit, you might go wrong.

Remember that you are not your partner’s plumber. You are also not a superhero. Trying a hand on something you don’t regularly do as an individual, without proper training, may not end up well on your favour.

Research studies show that many spouses would often partake in the “blame game.” Avoid hearing from your partner the common “blame game” phrases like “See? It’s because of you! You didn’t listen to me!” or “If you had done that this way, it would have solved the problem.”

  1. There will be more choices

Two minds are better than one, but three heads may produce even better decisions than two minds. Here’s the tip: You need a person that can show you more effective alternatives on the things that you’re thinking to do.

In a situation where the wife wants to use the plunger and other household remedy for a blocked drain, the husband may want to use the more complex process of disassembling visible pipelines below the sink. What usually happens when you contact a plumbing specialist? It’s either he gives you a better version of your plans or confirms who has got the better choice.

Not only that, the plumber can also do the job for you. These plumbing professionals have been more exposed to these situations than you are, so expect them to have more than a handful of techniques prepared to assist you in your needs.

  1. Spend only when you need it

Be resourceful as a couple. You don’t need to follow the others in signing up a portion of your home in bank insurance systems.

Be frugal by spending the money only when an emergency situation calls for it. After all, you may not get a clogged sink every day. Once a plumbing professional does pipe relining into your pipework, it may even save you money for supposed faulty pipes in the following years.

  1. Spend more time loving

This is what couples should value more: A daily moment of showing love for each other. While the pipe is relined or the bathroom is being renovated by a plumbing professional, the husband may bring his wife somewhere else for a romantic weekend getaway.

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