Easy Steps to Learn How to Repair a Leaking Bathtub

After reading this article, you do not really need to get a professional to help you find and repair a bathtub leak. Bathtub leaks always occur due to the fact that the seat washer stiffens with time so it will not seal tightly. Therefore water erodes the seat’s brass rim. The following are steps you would take to completely deal with a leak on your bathtub:


Step 1
Identify where the leak is. This is the first step as it lets you know what exactly you would be dealing with. Next, you identify the material or new parts that you need to fix the leaking problem. Hardware stores in your locality would always have new parts or materials that would fix the problem. You could place an order for parts that are unavailable at the local hardware store through a distributor.

Step 2
Next thing is to remove the faucet handle, which is normally a challenging part of this activity. This is because corrosion would have perhaps occurred on it over time so this might bring up a possibility of breaking. You therefore need not to force the handle open if it is hard, be gentle and take however long to remove it carefully. Once the handle is off remove the stem assembly which controls the amount and the temperature of water dispensed.

Step 3
This step involves replacing the stem parts. Greasing is important in this step as it helps lubricate the parts of the stem for a long period of time.

Tools Required to Repair a Leaking Bathtub
Handle puller
Utility Knife
Adjustable wrench

Materials Which Are Often Required
Parts for repairing the stem valve
Grease used by plumbers

Replacing the whole faucet is not a cheap affair. You should therefore repair your leaking bathtub as soon as you notice the leak.

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