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Hot water heater problem in Roseville

It had been two days, but the hot water was still playing up. Margaret watched water dribble from the tap, even though it was turned on as far as it would go. The cold water appeared to be fine, but the hot water was basically useless.

Enough was enough, Margaret looked up the number for her local Roseville Plumber and called. The appointment was booked in for that same afternoon, and she was assured the Plumber would give her a call when he was on approach, which was great because she had to duck out and get the groceries, otherwise there’d be no dinner!

True to his word, the Neighbourhood Plumber called as Margaret was unpacking her veggies and putting them in the fridge. He was fifteen minutes away if traffic was good. Twenty minutes later he was knocking on the door with toolbag in hand and protective covers on his boots. Margaret welcomed him in and showed him to the hot water system after describing the issue. The Roseville Plumber performed some tests on the tank before concluding that a valve on the tank had failed. It was a Pressure Reduction Valve which had caused the water from the hot water tank to drop pressure in the house. He disconnected the tank and gopt to work removing the faulty old valve, before installing a new one he had on his truck. The Plumber connected the tank and tested the tank to make sure it was working normally. He then walked with Margaret through the house, ensuring that the pressure from the hot taps had returned to normal. They all had!

Call your local Roseville Plumber now on 0488 886 212 ! Qualified in both gas and electric hot water repairs, your Neighbourhood Plumber can help regardless of the hot water issue !


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