4 Signs Telling You To Replace The Water Heater

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Like other household appliances, water heater units will soon deteriorate and lose its optimum working qualities. Moreover, when the unit exceeds to its service lifespan or if it obtained severe damages from lack of maintenance, it’s a must to replace it. On the other hand, some homeowners tend to dismiss the condition of the unit. They only opt for frequent repair service that only put a temporary solution to their dysfunctional water heater. This is a way for them to avert from buying a new heater. However, remember that the cost you spent for the repair should never exceed the cost of the unit. If it did, then it’s time to replace the water heater. Aside from this, here are some other signs that tell you to invest in a new one:

If the unit exceeded its lifespan

A general guideline when it comes to household maintenance is to see the age of the appliances. Apparently, water-using appliances such as water heater isn’t exempted to this rule. When the unit reached, or exceeded its lifespan, complications start to happen. With this, one way to avert problems is to replace by the time it reaches its maximum lifespan. Since there are different types of the water heater, their lifespan also varies. For instance, conventional storage heater typically lasts for 10-12 years while tankless units can last for 2 decades. Homeowners can see the lifespan of the unit by looking at the manufacturing date.  

Requires frequent repairs

If you have spent your money for unit repairs in just a single year, this must be a sign to save the money for a water heater replacement. Moreover, don’t spend more on repairs since it’ll only be useless if the unit may be on the brink of inoperativeness. In addition to this, for units that have been malfunctioning may be prone to overheating. Apparently, we all know what will be the result of overheating and that we don’t want to happen to our household. It’s best to save some money for a new unit that keeps spending for future repairs. There are new models that are more energy-efficient and durable in the market. Moreover, you can choose from different type of units with different features suitable for various situations.

Leaks and outflows

If you see water puddle formation surrounding the water heater, this is a sign that the unit must be replaced immediately. It also indicates that the storage tank has leaks and the fitting and T&P valve are worn out. Detecting all these problems means that you have to ask a professional to further inspect the unit. There are still leaks that can still be repaired which means that the lifespan of the unit can still be prolonged. However, if their report tells you that damage is irreparable, then it’s time to buy a new water heater system.

Discharged of rusty water

Remember that if the unit produces rust water, don’t assume that you have to replace the water heater. This is because the anode rod is deteriorating and is the only that needs to be replaced. In addition, it could also be caused by the corroded pipes. Corrosion doesn’t just affect the plumbing fixtures but also storage water heaters due to its metallic parts. If these components are severely damaged, it’s impossible to restore the condition of the water heater. Homeowners will be forced to replace it instead.

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