Problem With Water Heater

If the water heater is working properly, we use hot water to do absolutely everything in our homes from doing laundry to showering without a though. However, when it suddenly stops working, you have to detect the problem immediately and have it repair. Some water problems are simple and you can repair them yourself, if not, you can call a plumber. Here is how to fix a problem with your water heater:


Basic hot water repair

1. Problem: The water from the water heater is not hot

Solution: If there is no hot water, it could be either the thermostat is not functioning properly or the flame has gone out.


Check if the pilot light is on and if it has gone off, then you need to relight it. You can do this yourself; follow the manufacturer’s direction on the user manual. If you are not able to, call a plumber to assist you.

Next, check the thermostat. Turn on the hot water tap and leave it running for a short period. The burner should automatically light, as the thermostat will recognize the need to heat the running water. If it does not light up, then it is most likely to be defective and need to be replaced. Call a professional to replace it for you.

2. Problem: The hot water heater produces a strange noise

Solution: You could be most probably hearing hard water or mineral water scale that has accumulated in the tank and broken off.

In this case, drain all the water in the tank and clean out the residue. You should call a professional to do this job for you.


3. Problem: There is water on the floor next to the water heater

Solution: check all the pipes and valves that carry water from the tank.

The water could be seeping from the tank. Have all the valves and pipes that carry water from the tank. If there is no leak, then you should have all the valves tightened.


4. Problem: The hot water is not enough

Solution: Check if the thermostat is properly set

Another solution to this is to have your tank flushed out. A build up of sediments in the tank reduces its capacity hence reducing the water that flows.

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