3 Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair


The traditional pipe rehabilitation method had always been worrisome, expensive and laborious. Contractors and even homeowners deem that opting for this kind of method for pipe repair and replacement needs more men to perform excessive labour that often believes too much for anyone to bear. The old method is a bit bothersome to those residents near the site. This is because of heavy equipment used during the excavation procedure to extract the pipe. In contrast to the new methods, the traditional method takes at least a week to finish the operation. With the being said, even if it said to be effective, expect that your property will be totally disrupted. What the new method and old method have in common is they get the job done. However, the procedure and duration of operations are different in all ways. Trenchless pipe repair is non- invasive and doesn’t put too much destruction to your property. Aside from the aforementioned, the duration of the operation has also been improved. A regular operation may only take for 3-4 hours. With that being said, your chores wouldn’t be really affected and delayed. However, keep in mind that the duration of the procedure still depends on the condition and pipe issues found within the pipe.


Even if the operation is cheaper, the price doesn’t compromise the quality of the work. Apparently, it has been proven that relined pipes are 10 times stronger than regular pipes. Aside from that, it service lifespan lasts for more than 50 years. When it comes to the materials being utilised, the resin liner used in the procedure is environmentally friendly while being highly resistant to corrosive and chemical agents found in the soil. Also, you don’t have to worry about the movement of the soil that causes your pipes to obtain cracks. This is because relined pipes are semi-flexible so they can adapt to the changes and movements of the soil.


Because of this new pipe repair method, there are several factors used in the traditional method have been insignificant in the trenchless pipe method. In contrast to the old method where most of your money spent on consumable resources such as fuel that is used to power heavy equipment, the trenchless method saves a lot of money in this area. Furthermore, lesser products with cheap price are required in this operation. Aside from that, after the operation, there are no material leftovers which makes it less messy compared to the traditional one. Another factor that differs is the cost of labour. This is due to the process that no longer needs that assistance of heavy equipment since trenchless method only uses two hole for the entry and exit points. With this method, contractors find the process to be more easy and uncomplicated than the other one.

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