3 Frequent Misconceptions about Sewer Pipes

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Misconceptions can never be avoided. It is also present in sewer pipes. There are a lot of misconceptions about sewer pipes. These can obviously bring harm to your sewer system once you believe in these misconceptions. With this, it will teach you to think and analyse first the things that you heard before believing in it. To end those rumoured misconceptions, here are 3 misconceptions about sewer pipes.

  1. Excavation is needed for sewer pipe inspection, replace and repair

This is probably the main reason why homeowners tend to neglect the idea of neither monitoring nor maintaining their sewer system. In repairing, replacing and inspecting pipes, excavation is not required. Modern technology helped plumbing contractors to minimise digging when performing pipe repair, replacement and inspection. With this, you don’t need to worry about the cost that you will be paying for the restoration of your landscape since it will not be affected. Technology is a great help in saving money since you will not be spending much of your hard-earned money on the tools and equipment. Few contractors will be hired to do the job so you won’t pay much for the labour cost.

  1. False Flushable

Size will not matter when it comes to items that bring harm to your drain. No matter how small the item is, it can still cause your drain and sinks to be blocked. It will be a plumbing issue that could cost you much. There are certain items that you must keep in mind for you to avoid flushing these items. Fatty substances, starchy food and large bones must be avoided in your kitchen sink as these items will be a culprit of the blockage. Toiletries such as wipes, sanitary napkin and other hygiene products must not be flushed down your toilet. These items do not dissolve easily in water. The only material that is designed to be flushed down the toilet is the toilet paper. Soap and shampoo scum and hair must not come near your bathroom drain as these can build-up in your drain that could lead to blockage. For these stated materials, you might as well dispose it properly in a trash bin than to make yourself suffer on the frustrating blockage problem.

  1. Sewer system needs minimal maintenance

Most homeowners believe that maintaining the sewer system won’t be necessary. However, this idea is not true. A sewer system would require maintenance. You need to check your system regularly. You need to do this as this can help you in keeping your system in good condition and in extending the service lifespan of your system. Monitoring the system regularly can also increase its ability to function properly. Homeowners, probably, are afraid that their yard and landscape might be destructed as their lines are buried underground. You need to maintain your system to avoid further damages or making plumbing issues worse. Inspect your system to have problems repaired as soon as possible. In addition to this, you won’t need to worry about the cost you’ll be paying for the repair or replacement.

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