4 Effortless Ways to Stop Root Intrusion

No matter how much you spend money just to maintain and keep your pipe system in good condition, you will never stop tree roots from getting what it want. If the roots can’t get the moisture and nutrients it needs in order to grow, it will reach the deepest part underneath the surface until the roots reach your pipe system which is abundant of moisture due to, perhaps, nominal cracks that allow water to seep out of the pipe. When the roots are wrecking your system, you might want to consider the following ways to mend the issue.


Mechanical equipment

This type of tool us utilised to get rid of intruding roots within the pipeline. Most of the time, this device is known as a mechanical auger. You can purchase it on hardware stores. In using the tool, the auger is fed into the pipe and will operate similarly to a plumbing snake. The tip of the auger has a cutting saw used to cut off intruding tree roots. As the device passes through the intrusion, the roots are then removed out of the pipeline. However, similar to hydro jetting, this method is only a temporary solution due to the roots’ capability to regrow.


Hydro Jetting

This is a method that uses a hydro jet device that pumps out pressurised water to push intruding roots out to your sewer lines and pipelines. Its tool is known to be the same as plumbing snake. The device uses a pressure that reaches up to 4000 psi and releases the water out of a nozzle that can push away debris, roots, dirt, sediments, and build-ups out of the pipeline. During the operation, the device can use at least 200 gallons of water that precipitate to a higher water bill. However, if you choose to use grey water, then expect that the cost of the method is fair enough.

Opting for this method, you are guaranteed that the interior of your pipelines will be cleared with any trace of obstructions and intruding roots. On the other hand, if there any cracks, leaks or loose joints in the pipe system, it can’t fix the issues at all. It will just give an entrance point to the root to grow back within the system. Thus, hydro jetting is just a temporary solution.


Digging Up

If the root intrusion situation is worse than you have ever expected and you have already used no destructive methods to fix the situation but none of it works, then might as well consider the last option where you have to dig up your pipeline and physically get rid of the root that is causing the problem. In other situations, where you pipe system has obtained a severe damage, sagging may take place that may deform and displace the pipe. If this happens, consider other pipe rehabilitation method like pipe relining.


Chemical Usage

One of the ways where you can avoid from spending for costly pipe repair and replace along with a long pipe system downtime is to ensure that your pipelines are secured against root intrusion. As an alternative, chemical treatment can be used in the situation. However, upon using these chemical products, you have to make sure that you are following the specific instructions that are placed at the back of its container.

On the other hand, for minor root intrusion issues, professionals recommend utilising copper sulphate crystals. The aforementioned is a toxic chemical that can eliminate the root in direct contact. The crystals should be applied at specific intervals in order not put harm on the surrounding soil and nearby vegetation. Keep in mind that copper sulphate is not just utilised when the problem already emerges but you can also apply for preventive purposes.

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