4 Maintenance Methods That Endanger the Pipe System

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Pipe system is also vulnerable even if it’s installed underground. However, it’s rare that environmental factors are the reasons why pipe complications occur.  Most of the time, these are caused by human practices or misconceptions. Apparently, what homeowners want is to maintain the efficiency and stretch the lifespan of it. However, they have no idea that they’re causing the pipe to deteriorate. Apparently, this practices must be stopped. Since some of you might be oblivious about, listed below are the dangerous methods perceive to maintain the pipe system.


Detrimental techniques

These techniques are involve in removing obstructions and repairing clogs. On the other hand, keep in mind that these techniques become effective if they’re done properly. Doing it without proper knowledge will only worsen the problem. Apparently, what we need to do in case a plumbing emergency happens is to immediately call a professional plumber. In that way, they can repair the problem easily and provide tips so that the problem won’t occur again.

Waste disposal

Even with or without a garbage disposal at home, you must be careful of the substances the reach your drain. Apparently, the unit has also its own limitation that homeowners should know. On another hand, what we commonly experience is drain blockages. This happens due to the improper management of food waste in the kitchen. Experts suggest not to put pasta, coffee granules and egg shells in the drain. Other sharp materials that reach the drain could also crack the sides and cause a leak problem. Apparently, it will create issues and decrease the efficiency of the pipe system. It’s best to dispose of the aforementioned in a garbage bag to avoid spending on repair methods in the future.

Chemical-based cleaners

People try to opt for chemical-based cleaners since it’s convenient to use. Despite its chemical content, they still use it since it’s labelled in the market. However, it may be effective for minor issues but constant usage may only cause a problem. This cleaner will only decrease the lifespan of the pipe system. Moreover, metal pipes can also be severely affected by its chemical content resulting the pipe to corrode. Overtime, leaks will occur and water will seep out of it. This can be a problem since there a chance that there’ll be an increase in water consumption. On the other hand, natural cleaners are preferable than chemical cleaners. Homeowners can opt for citrus fruit peels, the combination of baking soda and vinegar, and ice cube and salt. Apparently, these are way cheaper compared to chemical cleaners.

Skipping inspections

One that must be done regularly is a maintenance of the entire pipe system. Homeowners should invest on CCTV pipe inspect at least once a year to see if there are any factors that affect the system’s efficiency. With this, contractors can determine what kind of repair method is used. However, due to a busy schedule, the pipe system is no longer inspected. That’s why minor issues become major ones.

If you have been doing these methods, there are alternatives that you can use. You can opt for citrus fruit peels, hydro jetting and even CCTV pipe camera inspection.

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