5 Factors that Can Cause Sewer Blockage

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The sewer system is an essential system to transport wastewater. On the other hand, conveying them wouldn’t be easy due to the complications experienced by the system. Commonly, obstructions are what makes everything complicated. Apparently, this isn’t just caused by one factor. There are factors that precipitate it to happen that may also require plumbing service to put an end to the issue. Here are some the following:


Greasy substances

Greasy substances should never reach your sewer pipe. This is one of the most common reminders that should be followed by homeowners. However, due to its liquid form, these substances can easily pass through the drain. If this isn’t given much attention, the greasy items will block the pipe. This is due to the substances that stick to the interior wall of the pipe. It will only block the passage of used water and backflows starts to occur.  

Root intrusion

Typically, pipes are placed below the ground and because we couldn’t see and inspect it every day, it’s possible that will malfunction over time. The most common issue faced by our pipes is root intrusion. These tree roots will try to enter in our pipes to get the proper nutrients it needed. Due to this, if it has already entered the pipe system, it will obstruct the passage of the water flowing inside. Moreover, the problem doesn’t stop there, the roots will grow furthermore and may reach your neighbours’ pipe system as well. To see if there roots in your sewer system, you can do this by using a CCTV camera inspection method. If confirmed, there are methods in which you can use to remove all of these roots. You can choose between rodding equipment or through hydro jetting method.

Foreign objects

The purpose of our pipe system is to transport waste and used water, however, they were never used to convey solid waste. Typically, objects that could obstruct the sewer system are toiletries, diapers, hair and leaves. With that problem it may cause to our sewer pipes, these materials should be disposed in a garbage can instead of flushing it and reach the sewer pipe.

Pipeline connections

Your pipeline connections could also be the cause of sewer pipe blockage. Illegal pipe connections should be eschewed and stop linking pipes into the main system. The pipeline in your yards and gardens that conveys soil debris will flow straight to your pipe line and will build up on the pipe wall of the mainline. If the issue exacerbates, it will also block your neighbours’ sewer pipe.

Sagging lines

Several types of pipes is deemed to be delicate. A cast iron pipe is one of them and is has low resistance to rust. Due to this, your pipes will deteriorate earlier than expected. Moreover, pipes tend to collapse and break during the winter season due to lack of insulation. However, proper insulation will freeze all the stagnant water which will cause the pipe to leak. When you have sagging pipes, it is highly recommended to have your pipes relined.

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