5 Warning Signs of Blockages in Sewer Pipes

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One of the most fearful plumbing issues is when your sewer pipes are obstructed and sewage backflow is starting to mess with your drains. When raw sewage couldn’t find its way to the mainline and begins to come back in your drain system, this could be a threat to your family’s health. Thus, should be repaired immediately. On the other hand, before any plumbing complication occurs, our sewer system provides hints that it’s about to go down. Want to know what are those? Here are the following:

Bubble formation

Every one of us has already notice that bubbles form in our own toilets. The reason why thing occurs is due to the air that is located at the end part of your blocked sewer pipes that wants to find itself a way out. Once you use your sink drainage, there will be bubbles in your toilet and bathroom drains. Aside from that, there is also a possibility that you’ll notice that water level will elevate.

Sewage backup

One of the signs that your sewer pipes are blocked is when sewage backup begins to occur. Sewage backup means that there are raw wastes that come out from your toilet, bathroom drains and those low lying drains such as your basement drain. Although this aforementioned could also occur due to flood, it would still be better if you check your sewer pipe for any obstruction. Since sewer pipes carry sewage waste and sewage backup occur, this could be a threat to the health of your family. Pertinent to the situation, the need to remove the raw sewage and solve the issue increases. You should make an immediate action to this before it affects your entire system and your family.

Plumbing fixtures do not drain properly

If your drains aren’t functioning properly, this could be a sign there are problems within your drain such as an obstruction that impede the water to flow through. If you notice doesn’t cooperate and its draining process is always in slow progress, this is an indication that your pipes are partially blocked. Even though it isn’t completely blocked and the water can still pass through one at a time, it doesn’t mean that you’ll just leave the issue unattended. Ignoring the situation could result in a complete blockage and water begins to backflow causing a flood.

Unusual plumbing fixtures’ reactions

If your plumbing system begins to behave in a manner it shouldn’t be, it indicates that something is wrong with it, thus, an immediate inspection is needed. For instance, when you turn on your washing machine and you notice that there is soapy water that comes from your bathroom drain, this could be a sign that your drain is obstructed and needs to be taken out at your earliest convenience. When your sewer pipe is obstructed, used water that once used for kitchen and laundry purposes that couldn’t find its way to the mainline begins to come back to your household’s drainage system.

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